With our solutions we lead you into the independence of your energy supply

With EXYTRON® to tailor-made energy

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EXYTRON’s Technology

EXYTRON is a self-researching company and as the only system supplier already offers worldwide patented energy systems for emission-free energy supply of residential quarters, commercial and industrial facilities, up to entire settlements or city districts. EXYTRON realizes customized, turnkey energy supply systems for its customers from a single source.

Our systems use highly intelligent energy management – SmartEnergyTechnology – and are also emission-free with ZeroEmissionTechnology.

We have taken the idea of „hydrogen“ a step further and are already implementing safe energy supply and energy storage systems with proven, market-ready and economical technology. Our systems are reliable, low-maintenance, user-friendly and are tailored specifically to the needs of our customers.

Our team brings together specialists from many disciplines, from physics to chemistry, from mechanical engineering to electrical engineering. Together we fight for the preservation of our blue planet. We contribute to reducing emissions in the atmosphere with our innovative and globally patented energy supply system solutions.

The EXYTRON-Vision in Video

EXYTRON’s vision is to help save our blue planet. To this end, EXYTRON has set up an interdisciplinary research and development department at its Rostock site, which focuses exclusively on the development of economical emission-free energy supply systems.

Thus, in the future, EXYTRON’s developments will primarily enable the three sectors of the energy industry – electricity, heat and mobility – with the business areas of building services/building technology, power plant technology (energy factories) and maritime technology to cover energy requirements from sustainable energy sources while completely dispensing with fossil fuels. In the following video you will learn how EXYTRON sees this task: