The principle of Smart Energy Technology/Zero Emission Technology

Finally, infinite energy.

Unlimited energy. Highly efficient and always on demand. Absolutely no carbon-dioxide or particulate emissions, economical, decentralised and also self-sufficient. Our solution for storing electricity from renewable energies and decentralised energy supply with electricity, heating and cooling is the key to a ground-breaking energy revolution for us all.

Together with the reputable Leibniz Institute for Catalysis, we have achieved a vision: the EXYTRON SmartEnergy Technology/ZeroEmission Technology.

  • With this power-to-gas system/power-to-x system, regenerative natural gas (methane) is produced using wind, photovoltaic and/or hydro power.
  • The regenerative natural gas can be easily stored in tanks or fed into the regional gas grid. The storage of, for example, windgas is therefore over 100 times more effective than with the best battery in the world.
  • The methane can be used at all times to generate electricity, heat or cold.
  • You protect the environment because you produce 100% of the energy with 0% of the emissions.

Start an energy revolution with the patented EXYTRON SmartEnergy Technology/ZeroEmission Technology, the only system of its kind in the world!

The EXYTRON SmartEnergy Technology in a video

The transformation of a vision.

Can economic growth save the environment? We are convinced: it can. To prove this, we have rethought the future of energy supply from scratch. Our goal: a marketable, technical solution in almost all power classes, from building supply to emission-free factories (zero-emission gas-storage power plants), which delivers unlimited and emission-free energy on demand and gives you independence from the public energy supply. So that your company, community and country can grow in harmony with nature. From this vision emerged EXYTRON and, therefore, the SmartEnergy Technology as the driving force for a more intelligent drive for your visions. See for yourself:

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The cycle of our technology

Your own pure energy.

Our product philosophy is very simple: a modern energy supply should deliver electricity, heat, cold and independence from the energy market. It is the basis for our most innovative product: SmartEnergy Technology.
All you need is electricity produced by renewable energy. This electricity from photovoltaic, hydro or wind power feeds the electrolysis cell. During electrolysis, water is broken down into its components, hydrogen and oxygen. Together with carbon dioxide, the hydrogen is now transformed into methane in the core of our system, the catalytic converter for methanation. This methane is high-quality, regenerative natural gas and can be stored easily. This process describes a power-to-gas system. Since the heat from the exothermic process can also be made usable, our technology is also referred to as a power-to-x system. If required, the regenerative natural gas can be burned, for example, in a boiler or a combined heat and power unit and then transformed into electricity, heat or cold. The carbon dioxide released through the combustion is not emitted into the environment, it is made available again as a raw material of the methanation. This closed cycle enables energy supply without emissions.

For smaller applications, such as family homes, SmartEnergy Technology/ZeroEmission Technology currently offers no economically viable alternative. By this, we rely on innovative battery-powered solutions which allow an economical and decentralised autonomous supply of electricity, heat and cold. This means the degree of self-sufficiency can already be increased now.

The result: with a scalable modular design, you can produce electricity, heat or cold wherever you need it. Thanks to our power-to-gas system/power-to-x system, an emission-free, decentralised energy supply can be implemented everywhere, from bigger residential buildings and swimming pools to large companies, districts and residential areas. Even the complete isolated supply of an entire region is possible.

Diagram of a supply cycle using the example of a multi-dwelling unit

How our power-to-gas system/power-to-x system really excels: it functions as a cycle and is environmentally friendly throughout the entire circuit. Because the carbon dioxide produced in the combustion is not released into the environment, is it led back into the system cycle. The carbon dioxide is used again and again to produce methane, meaning, as a regenerative natural gas, carbon dioxide transforms from a climate destroyer into the raw material for your energy supply.
We call this unique innovation, in which no dangerous nitrogen oxide is produced, and no particulate matter is released, ZeroEmission Technology. Of course, it can also be described simply as the key to a cleaner environment.

The operating principle of our power-to-gas system/power-to-x system is outlined in the following diagram.

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