Showcase projects for climate-friendly living and sector coupling.

Live, work and be mobile with green energy.

EXYTRON develops emission-free, decentralised energy supply systems ranging in size from small residential quarters to decentralised power plants for the emission-free supply of entire city quarters or towns and industrial parks, including the use of sector coupling; this is also possible in the form of the production of regenerative, climate-neutral fuels and gases.

Current projects

Currently, several enquiries about energy factories are being processed at locations throughout Germany. Another feasibility study will begin in early February 2021. A new wind farm is also being built for this project.

In the field of building services, a constantly increasing number of projects are currently being implemented, ranging from individual residential blocks from 5,000m² to residential areas and large quarters/urban areas of up to around 200,000m² of living space, both in existing buildings and in new buildings.

EXYTRON has been successfully marketing its zero-emission technologies since 2016. Here, we would like to show you a small selection of our projects. Please understand that, for customer and data protection reasons, not all projects and not all technical details can be published. Please call us or contact us via our Contact form.


Energy Factory

Showcase project for sector coupling


Existing Buildings

Climate-friendly living in Augsburg


Leisure Park

Sustainable energy supply for existing and new buildings