Power plant technology and energy factory

Think Big – EXYTRON Energy Factories EXYTRON Flamme

EXYTRON’s technologies can be scaled to almost any size. The focus is on the local, decentralised character of the systems. This means that electricity should be used as far as possible where it is generated. In projects where large capacities of green electricity are generated that go beyond direct local demand, an EXYTRON energy factory can be created. At these locations, not only are extremely favourable electricity and heat tariffs offered, but climate-neutral fuels and gases are also produced, as well as climate-neutral chemical base materials such as plastics – at a later stage. Locations of wind power plants (new and old plants alike can be used after the end of the EEG feed-in tariff period), PV plants and hydropower plants in spatial proximity to consumers, e.g. villages, industrial estates, leisure parks, etc. are favourable.

Since EXYTRON energy factories create highly qualified jobs, ensure favourable energy prices in the region and deliver significant local added value, these projects, in contrast to many wind power projects, experience a high level of acceptance among the population due to their local economic use. This makes the systems extremely interesting for citizens and tradesmen, as well as for municipalities and investors.

Functional principle of a system-serving EXYTRON energy factory for regional value creation.

Think New – EXYTRON gas storage power systems / gas power systems  EXYTRON Flamme

Conventional gas-fired power systems can be retrofitted and converted into emission-free gas storage power systems using EXYTRON technology. Here, renewable electricity is stored as renewable natural gas and burned emission-free in the modified gas-fired power system as needed.

Operating principle EXYTRON gas storage power system.