Licenses for EXYTRON technology

Become an EXYTRON license partner.

EXYTRON wants to stop climate change, but we can’t do it alone. EXYTRON has far too little capacity for this. In order to achieve this, we need many strong and independent partners around the world who represent our technology, manufacture it and put it into use in accordance with country-specific requirements.

EXYTRON’s energy systems are fascinating. They provide clean, decentralised, emission-free energy and guarantee independence. Electricity from renewable energy sources is stored efficiently and economically with EXYTRON energy systems through the production of synthetic natural gas (SNG) and renewable fuels, and is made available continuously at all times. And all this without emissions.

EXYTRON is one of the few system providers worldwide to offer decentralised, emission-free energy supply based only on renewable energy sources as a complete solution with extensive additional services. This worldwide patented unique selling proposition distinguishes EXYTRON from other suppliers.

Working together to stop climate change

As the market and demand are huge and there is only little time left to stop climate change, EXYTRON will, in the future, cooperate with licensing partners who guarantee the highest standards and quality and who are technically and economically able to independently implement energy supply systems in the areas of building technology or power plant operations. This is because EXYTRON will never be able to provide the required capacities in the short time we have left. The German market alone will more than fully utilise EXYTRON’s capacity in the next few years, even with a high level of expansion.

For this reason, EXYTRON is now offering this developed and patented technology for licensing outside of Germany.

A fair contractual basis with EXYTRON, as well as support in pilot projects and training, familiarisation and qualification of the license partner’s employees, will naturally be the basis of the cooperation. EXYTRON supports and accompanies these projects as an engineering partner.

EXYTRON’s technology is designed in such a way that even developing countries and emerging markets can achieve a high level of vertical integration through our intensive training and support. Technical training and upgrades of the emission-free EXYTRON technology are continuously provided. In this way, we also enable financially weak countries to enter the market for future-oriented technical solutions and achieve high added value.

If you are interested, you can even apply now as a future licensee of EXYTRON, with the first licenses planned in 2021. Soon, you will be able to find out more facts, plans and requirements for licensing as a partner of EXYTRON!

Contact us and discover the range of possibilities.