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Efficiency of the
EXYTRON Power-to-X technology tripled.

The EXYTRON® Research and Development team has tripled the production output for methane production in the in-house developed reactors with the same size.

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New worldwide PCT patent application

EXYTRON has filed a patent application for a compact, scalable and highly efficient device for, among other things, mobile hydrogen production from ammonia and its derivatives.

Patent Wasserstoffherstellung
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Clear the way for common goals.

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EXYTRON´s Energy

In so-called contracting, an energy supplier takes over the supply of the required energy to a residential complex, a neighborhood or an industrial area, and usually the financing. This can include energy in the form of both electricity and heating or cooling.
Energy contracting may be appropriate when the management of a facility is not to be undertaken by the client or the investment is not to be made by the client. EXYTRON can offer such contracting via cooperation partners or take over the management of the plant itself, if the customer so desires. For example, EXYTRON is listed as an energy supplier with the German Federal Network Agency in accordance with §5 of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG).

In the case of contracting, the energy supply system remains the property of the contractor and the energy is supplied to the customer at an attractive price.

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