Building services engineering – the patented closed circuit of EXYTRON systems

Pure energy all on its own.

EXYTRON is the world’s only system provider of commercial, decentralised, emission-free energy supply systems based on renewable energies. This means that our economical systems supply our customers with all the electricity, heating and cooling they need without emitting climate-damaging greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and methane slip.

EXYTRON plans, supplies and installs complete turnkey systems that are individually designed and economically optimised to meet the customer’s requirements.

The times when electricity or heat was made a little more sustainable in a piecemeal and uncoordinated way using a wide variety of technologies and components are over. Today, we have EXYTRON: We take care of your energy needs. Simply enjoy your sustainable heat and green electricity with a clear conscience. Anytime – emission-free – decentralized – independent.

Representation of the supply cycle using the example of residential buildings.

Unique: CO2 – from climate killer to valuable material

One unique feature in this worldwide patented system is the closed CO2 cycle. As a result of the so-called “Sabatier reaction”, through the catalysts we have developed, green hydrogen (H2) and green carbon dioxide (CO2) combine to form methane (CH4), i.e. synthetic climate-neutral natural gas (SNG). This hydrocarbon has a significantly higher energy content and is much easier to handle than pure hydrogen. CO2 is, therefore, a valuable raw material for the production of methane. In EXYTRON’s decentralised plants, the CO2 produced during the combustion of the self-produced gas is not released into the environment through the chimney, but is stored and used again and again to produce new methane. It remains, therefore, in a closed cycle and combustion has been developed that does not pollute the environment. Through an additional use of the green oxygen from the electrolysis and a modified combustion process, no harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides, fine dust or by methane slip into the environment. An all-round clean and climate-friendly thing: the systems from EXYTRON.

Functional principle of the EXYTRON system in the field of building services engineering with an overall efficiency (degree of utilisation) of up to over 90% through sector coupling.