Sustainable energy supply for existing and new buildings in the nature and holiday location of Bernsteinsee

EXYTRON is implementing a sustainable energy supply system for existing and new buildings in the nature and holiday location of Bernsteinsee. Since December 2020, this has been supplying the holiday complex with decentralised, year-round and partially self-sufficient electricity and heat.

The energy supply of the new apartment hotel, as well as the existing hotel buildings, will be realised via EXYTRON SmartEnergyTechnology/ZeroEmissionTechnology – an energy supply system that generates energy from renewable sources and does not produce any environmentally harmful emissions in the further utilisation process.
Through an optimised combination of energy converters and energy storage systems, an energy supply system is built up, which is able to supply the holiday resort with electricity and heat in decentralised form, all year round, partially self-sufficient and economically. EXYTRON SmartEnergyTechnology (SET) will be used to produce regenerative synthetic natural gas. This regenerative synthetic natural gas is used in combined heat and power plants and condensing boilers specially equipped for zero-emission operation (ZeroEmissionTechnology/ZET) to generate heat and electricity. In addition to surplus solar power, low-cost, green grid power is to be used to operate the SET system. The locally produced electricity (solar plant and combined heat and power plant) is used 100% by the company itself, i.e. no electricity is fed into the operator’s grid.

Initially, more than 200 tons of CO2 will be saved per year. Soon, the additional supply of holiday houses, the administration building, the riding hall etc. is planned.

Area overview of the nature and holiday location of Bernsteinsee.

Ministerpräsident mit der Energiefabrik von EXYTRON

Lower Saxony’s Minister President Stephan Weil (SPD) sees for himself the benefits of EXYTRON technology at Bernsteinsee. (October 2020)