We fight for the preservation of our blue planet, for a better future for our children

The future of emission-free energy supply.

We are EXYTRON. Pioneers who dare to confront climate change with proprietary research and development. Our unique, patented technology enables us to sustainably reduce CO2 emissions.

We are EXYTRON. A committed, innovative team with the will to change things. With our experience and know-how, as a system provider we push the boundaries of what is technically possible.

We are EXYTRON. Pioneers and inventors of decentralised power-to-gas and power-to-x plants, a technology for sustainable energy supply and the production of renewable fuels that has been patented worldwide and has already been commercially implemented.

We are EXYTRON. A system supplier for decentralised and emission-free energy supply.


Hitting the gas together!

What would a revolution be without the people who started it? Let us introduce ourselves. We are EXYTRON – a team from many fields. We work together to create power-to-gas and power-to-x systems for decentralised energy supply without emissions.

Klaus Schirmer

Klaus Schirmer

Martin Weiss
Division Power Plants

Nicolas Beier
Quality & Process Management

Martin Weiland
R&D Project Management

Elgar Fokkens, Dr. rer. nat.

Dr. rer. nat. Elgar Fokkens
R&D Senior Project Engineering

Dr.-Ing. Malte Schümann
R&D Project Engineering


Katharina Haas
R&D Project Engineering


Dr. rer. nat. Julian Gödde
R&D Project Engineering

Balaji Parthasarathy
R&D Project Engineering

Michal Hawryluk
R&D Construction

Sebastian Wurr
Project Engineering


Albrecht Meier, Dr. rer. nat.

Dr. rer. nat. Albrecht Meier
Project Engineering

Jörn Wullekopf

Ralf Toppel


Marius Lübke
Mechanical Technics


Iven Kauffeldt
Mechanical Technics

David Kujoth
Electrical Engineering

Anna-Marie Eden

Catarina Heller
Human Resources


Anja Schreinert
Public Relations


Our History

It all started with an impulse.

Even those who think about the future like to look back at everything that electrified and stimulated, that crackled and created voltage. Our future began in 2008 with the strongest of all impulses: a question.

The EXYTRON Partners

Power-to-gas/power-to-x with more illuminating power.

Shaking up the energy market with new impulses – that works better together. Which is why we maintain various memberships and work together with strong partners who think outside the box like we do.
Together, we can pave the way for storing electricity from renewable energies and producing regenerative natural gas – all without emissions.

Our partners:

Our memberships:

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Support the market launch of the emission-free and sustainable energy supply system from EXYTRON. Profit from our development in the megamarket in the coming years.
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Lets go for common goals

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phone: (0381) 36 76 77 0 | fax: (0381) 36 76 77 99
mail: info@exytron.com

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