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We modernise the future of energy

One should never stop believing in electrifying ideas until they have become reality. Welcome to EXYTRON.

Together with the renowned Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT) and the University of Rostock we have developed a revolutionary concept of storing renewable energy. The EXYTRON Smart Energy Technology. For the first time ever, EXYTRON enables the use of an innovative and global power supply system for a decentralised and autonomous energy supply without any CO2 emissions.

Concept of the SmartEnergyTechnology

Our team is made up of a variety of professionals deriving from a wide range of areas. From physics to chemistry, engineering to electro-technic. We in the electrifying city of Rostock in North Germany have started to write history for the future of renewable energy supply. You start to do the same.

A video introduction to our technology

Converting a vision

No limits to energy. Highly efficient and always on call. Completely free of CO2 emissions, decentralised and autonomous. The EXYTRON storage solution is the key to a pioneering energy turnaround for all of us. From homeowners to global players and up to all States. See from our trailer, how a vision can turn to reality.

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